Stay In My Home

Stay In My Home

ForeclosureTexasHelp wants nothing more than for you and your family to stay in your home if possible.


If you are facing a hardship—start exploring the mortgage relief options that can help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure. If you’ve already missed mortgage payments or think that you might, now’s the time to take action. If your challenges are expected to be short-term, a forbearance plan can temporarily reduce or suspend your mortgage payments.


After that, you can repay the missed amounts all at once, through a more-gradual repayment plan, or with a payment deferral that’s due at the end of your loan term or when you sell your home, refinance, or otherwise pay off your loan.


If your monthly payment is no longer affordable, you may qualify for a refinance or loan modification for long-term relief.

Lower My Payment

With your authorization, we talk to the bank on your behalf. The first objective will be to stop the foreclosure proceedings. Then, we work with bank personnel and appropriate supervisors, and bank authorities to negotiate a loan modification. We discuss with you what you believe you can afford given the circumstances and we work toward that objective with the bank. This process can take 2- 8 months, but you can stay in your home during the process.


If you have already tried unsuccessfully to work with your bank don’t be discouraged. ForeclosureTexasHelp has the experience to get a positive outcome. We know what to say, how to say it, and are familiar with the forms and paperwork the bank needs. We have a very high success rate! It’s not uncommon for us to reduce a mortgage payment by hundreds of dollars and even reduce the interest rate on the loan.


We never want you to feel rushed, but this is one time we are going to urge you to call us right away at 713-597-8670. There is no obligation to do anything and days can matter when a bank is planning or has scheduled action. Contact us by phone or email at and we can learn more about your situation and offer suggestions.



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Our Mission To Help


There are many unplanned circumstances – relocation or job transfer, retirement or downsizing, inheriting a property you can’t keep, job loss or job change, structural issues, pre-foreclosure, divorce, need for cosmetic repairs, death of a loved one, raising cash to pay bills, or difficult mortgage terms. These things can be very emotional and stressful. Just know, there are many, many good people also dealing with similar situations. Each month, 100’s to 1,000+ homes are foreclosed on in texas and surrounding areas.

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